Monthly Live Online Training


Monthly live online workshops for creative businesses

  • “I need some guidance to follow through”
  • “I need some structure”
  • “I need motivation to keep going”

Can you relate?

  • If you want to start a creative business, but you feel lost and insecure…
  • If you just started your creative business and you feel overwhelmed by the burden of the all the things you need to do…
  • Or if you’ve been at it for a few years and you feel stressed and burnt out, struggling with not enough customers and inconsistent income…

…you probably can!

We are here with you in this journey from dreaming to doing, from starting to growing, from wanting to having!
Get the guidance, the structure and the motivation you need for your creative business with our monthly creative biz workshops with the most important topics for your business success:  
  • Pricing
  • Mindset
  • Promotion

Master your Numbers

Get your numbers ready and profit from selling to international markets!

With this highly informational and practical workshop, you will be able:

  • Understand your expenses and labor costs to best calculate the true full cost of your products
  • Get your pricing strategy right! Price your product as it deserves and avoid the two big business pitfalls: under pricing and over pricing.
  • Learn how to price your products by analyzing the competition & buyer perception
  • Learn basic financial principles of running a successful Creative Business: Income Statement (P&L) & Sales Planning/forecasting


* 2 hour workshop video and Excel worksheets available on-demand from April 2018 replay

Thursday 1 November

Master your Mindset

A success driven mindset makes the best use of all your available resources: time, skills, energy, opportunities.

With this highly informational and practical workshop, you will be able:

  • Clearly see what’s holding you back, by understanding how your brain works.
  • Realize your full potential by using all of your unique strengths and skills.
  • Become more determined to reach your goals by making a positive mental shift.

to be announced
Time is GMT+2

Master your Promo

You need Strategy, System & Tools!

Learn the basic principles of digital promotion:

  • Social Media strategies that work (Content and targeting).
  • Tools needed for effective promotions and campaigns (blog, traffic posts).
  • Building targeted audiences for Facebook and Instagram (Custom, Lookalike and Saved audiences).
  • Get ready for Facebook and Instagram advertising.

Thursday December 6
17:30 - 19:30
Time is GMT+2

Join us and get concrete takeaways you can immediately use for better results, no matter what stage you’re at in your business

After this training you will be able to eliminate overwhelm, focus on the critical few things that will make the biggest difference to your business’ overall health, move forward and stay committed!

Get Access to all 3 live workshops

Get the guidance, structure and  motivation you need for your creative business!

Get all 3 courses for $150


Creative BizLab supports creative entrepreneurs seeking to build and expand their business to new markets. We offer hands-on support via online training, equipping creatives with practical business knowledge and skills.

Over the course of the last three years, Creative Bizlab has coached, consulted and trained over 1000 makers on business topics such as business planning, pricing, branding, digital marketing and selling online, mainly on Etsy.

Creative BizLab's co-founders are Ifigenia Christodoulidou and Zacharias Polymenakos. We are very proud to see most of our members having stable, self-sufficient creative businesses and selling their creations all over the world!


Ifigenia Christodoulidou
Ifigenia Christodoulidou
Business Coach & Mixed Media Artist

About Ifigenia

Hi! My name is Ifigenia.

I help people make a living selling their creations online, by showing them how to believe in themselves and how to use their creativity, their skills and their strengths to their benefit. Most importantly I show them HOW they can achieve this, step-by-step! 

I am the co-creator of CreativeBizLab, an online training and consulting company for small creative businesses. We have helped more than a thousand people so far build their creative businesses and sell their creations via the internet, especially on  I hold a degree in Psychology and 2 postgraduate degrees in Business Psychology from UCL (University College London).

And sometimes, when I find the time, I paint!

I would love to hear from you! Send me your thoughts and questions in

Zacharias Polymenakos
Zacharias Polymenakos
Management Consultant & Start-up Mentor

About Zacharias

Zacharias holds an MBA from New York University (Stern 1999) and has extensive work experience in Banking and Management Consulting, with focus on business planning, management and finance. 

He believes in the great value of the Creative Economy and enjoys helping makers and young people achieve their potential. He is also a maker @ Selektah Clothing.